Dear Mummy, you’re not fat

Dear Mummy,

You made me laugh so much yesterday when you told daddy you were fat. You were looking in the mirror for ages and then you said ‘I’m so fat’.

‘You’re not fat mummy,’ I told you, when I stopped laughing. ‘Your tummy isn’t big and round like Mr Greedy and your arms hardly wobble at all.’ Then your face went all red and you did a funny smile. You’re so silly Mummy.

I love it when you say silly, backwards things just to make me laugh, like ‘I have nothing to wear’ or ‘my hair is awful’. It’s funny because you have lots of clothes, I’ve seen them in your washing basket. And your hair is lovely and soft, because you wash and brush it every day. And anyway, you always look beautiful, especially when you smile at me and laugh at my jokes.

You tell me it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, because being kind is the most important thing to be. And you are the kindest mummy of them all. You always bring me snacks when I’m watching TV, and make me my favourite dinner after football. And yesterday you played Snap with me in the morning, even when you said we are going to be so late for school (but we weren’t, because you know I hate being late).

Sometimes I hear you tell the other mummies that you shouldn’t have any chocolate biscuits. That’s the funniest of all, because they are a treat for when you are good. And you are always good Mummy. You never put your shoes on the sofa and your room is always really tidy.

I like it when you say all these funny jokes Mummy. But sometimes you look sad after you say them, which is just silly. Because I think you are the most beautiful, funny, wonderful person in the world. And you are definitely not fat.

Lots of love and kisses and chocolate biscuits,
Henry, aged almost 5

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