I’ve Run Out Of Juice And It’s The Best Thing That Could Have Happened

I’ve been pretty quiet on here during lockdown and I’ve lost a few followers as a results (… and I don’t blame them, why follow a blogger who never writes anything!)

But to be honest, I’ve just really struggled with writing inspiration during this time. You’d think I’d have loads to write about, as a parent blogger stuck at home with two small children. And I’ve started about 10 blogs, but I’ve just not been able to finish them.

I’m sure I’m not the only parent feeling like this – just completely uninspired to do the ‘normal’ things like work or brushing your hair, during this time. And that’s not surprising, as it’s not a normal time. But could it also be because all our time, energy and brain-space has been going into our children?

Early on in Lockdown when we all still felt inspired to bake

When this all started, I went in full pelt. I baked, I homeschooled, I zoomed, I crafted, I fed ducks every bloody day. I put all my inspiration and energy into my children, and just had none left for anything else. Not work. Not my blog. Not me. And definitely not my hubby, who has also spent the last two months on crutches (but that’s another blog!)

But now, I’m done. I’ve run out of juice. My mummy batteries need replacing. And it’s the best thing that could have happened. We haven’t touched a school book for weeks. Any suggestions of baking or painting or creating something from the piles of bog roll holders I’ve collected is met by a resounding ‘noooooooo’ by my children, much to my relief.

My activities have gone from making pizza dough from scratch and using toppings to create a culinary masterpiece. To chucking some crackers on the floor and timing the children to see who can eat all the crumbs first.

But strangely, as I have run out of inspiration with my little people, I suddenly seem to have the headspace to write again. It may be a blog about being uninspired, but at least it’s a blog!

And my children seem to be perfectly happy, if not happier, doing all the things we normally do at home, rather than a phonics-based treasure hunt around the garden which teaches them about fauna, or some other ridiculously complicated educational activity which took me six hours to create and they completed in six minutes.

And now I’m not putting every single ounce of my energy into constantly entertaining, educating and inspiring my children, I can actually put a bit of it into some other important things – like writing, working and maybe even me (the hubby still doesn’t get a look in – sorry J)!

So running out of inspiration may just have been the most inspirational thing to have happened to me during this strange, strange time. And maybe we can get back to some sort of normality – as much as we can – until we can actually get back to normality, however long that may be.

NB I am still looking after my children. And feeding them from plates at the table, not off the floor. Just in case you were worried.

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