To My Child’s Teacher – I Trust You

To My Child’s Teacher,

I trust you. I trust you to take care of my child today, as I trusted you to take care of him the first time he walked through the school gates.

I trust you to walk him through the ‘new normal’ that is going to be his school life for the forceable. To help him understand why the school he loves so much has changed, why not all his friends are there and why everyone is acting so strangely.

H on his first day of school

I trust you to pick him up if he scrapes his knee. To not pause if he needs you to comfort him, to be near him, to even hug him. I trust you to make the right call as to when distance is appropriate and when it just can’t be maintained for his wellbeing.

I trust you to keep educating him, as you have done for the past 10 weeks from afar. I trust you help him catch up, to help him remember, to make sure he is where he needs to be and that learning is something he still wants to do!

It’s a scary time for everyone. But during this time, I trust you to love my child like only a teacher can and to do your best for him, as you always have.

Thank you for being the person my son can trust when I am not there. Thank you for being brave enough to walk through the classroom door, when I’m sure you are scared to.

Thank you for greeting him with a smile, when you may not feel like smiling. Thank you for being his teacher.

I’ll see you at the school gate.

Love, Henry’s Mummy x

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