Two-Year-Olds Do Not Care – And It’s Wonderful

Two year olds do not care. They simply do not give a damn. About anything. Ever. At all. And it’s simply wonderful.

Two year olds do not care if their faces are covered in cake mixture or their hands are covered in mud. They will smile at you just as widely or hug you just as tightly.

Two year olds do not care if it’s 5am and the rest of the world is still sleeping. They will greet the world happily, they will embrace the day fully and the fun will begin.

Two year olds do not care if they jump in a muddy puddle in their beautiful new dress on a way to a party. They will dance just as hard, play just as fully and enjoy themselves just as whole heartily.

Two year olds do not care if they have a fat tummy or skinny legs. They will run naked through the sprinklers just as happily with an audience, as they would all alone.

Two year olds simply do not care. But, just think for one second… wouldn’t it actually be wonderful not to care?

Wouldn’t it be superb to live as unabashedly, wildly and as free as a two year old?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to simply not give a damn about what anyone else thinks.

To love so freely that you adore people you have only just met. To put joy above everything else. To live life minute by minute, not caring what comes next or if you are filthy when it comes.

Two years olds don’t mean to not care. But they really don’t. Instead, they just are. And it’s wonderful, insightful and delightful in every way.

Maybe, just maybe, if we all just stopped getting frustrated at our two year olds for not caring. And, instead, embraced their little world, we might all enjoy life just that little bit more.

We might stop caring about things that really, truely don’t matter. And instead just enjoy jumping in muddy puddles in our party dresses.

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