Five not-so-awesome things we got up to over half-term

(Warning: this post should be read with your sarcasm goggles firmly strapped on)

So, there we go! Another half-term done and dusted. It was so great to have a break from the norm of being at home entertaining the children, to spend another bloody week at home entertaining the children.

In fact, I thought I might just take a moment to share some of the wonderful (…replace the word wonderful with mind-numbingly repetitive) activities we got up to over the past 168 hours (was it only 168 hours I had to fill?).

So, here are my top five – just in case you haven’t already done these 500 times and wanted some ideas for next week when, we will be at home entertaining the children.

  1. Baked another bloody cake
    Or bread, or scones, or my slipper… I can’t even remember at this point (what do you think the picture looks like? Buns, maybe?). But we definitely baked something, somewhat edible. And then proceeded to eat said edible item in one sitting.
  2. Visited a park
    Then had a mild heart attack when we got there at the amount of people squeezed into said park. Threw kids back into the car, and tried another park. Checked phone when I got there to make sure I hadn’t missed some BoJo announcement allowing mini festivals involving takeaway coffees and Hunter wellies. Lost 3 year old in park crowd (which is now a thing btw). Had a panic attack. Found 3 year old. Lost her again. Went on like this freezing my tits off for 40 minutes. Finally dragged her and her brother home covered in mud having aged about five years.
  3. Bumped into literally every person I know
    I know there’s a lot of ‘accidental outdoor bumping into’ going on. But this was the really real kind of bumping into. I swear, on one walk I saw every single person from my sixth form English class.
  4. Did some painting
    Spent 30 minutes preparing painting stuff, covering kids, coving the table, covering the cat. Children spent 95 seconds painting, then announced they were done. Spent another 45 fucking minutes clearing up the paints, the kids, the children, the cat.
  5. Watched a movie (or 20)
    No explanation needed. This is how we spent most of this rainy, groundhog day of a half-term… and it was heavenly.

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