I Won’t Let My Daughter Grow Up with Fear in her Heart

Let’s talk about fear. The world is a very scary place. But even more so as women. Even more so as mothers. As daughters. As grandmothers. As aunts. As god-mothers. As wives. As women we live with fear in our hearts every day.

Every time we walk down a street alone. Fear walks with us. Every time we are uninvitedly called out to. Fear calls out to us too.

Every time we are ogled. Fear ogles us too. Every time we sit listening to the noises in the street when home alone. Fear sits beside us. Fear is part of our lives. We live with it every day.

But this time, enough is enough. This time, we are fighting back. This time, it’s time for this fear to stop. And this time, I am saying, I refuse to let my daughter grow up with fear in her heart.

Let us stand together and say ‘no more’. No more letting our sons see this behaviour and thinking its ok. No more letting our daughters grow up with fear walking beside them. We have the future generation in our hands. Let’s teach then that this is NOT OK.

Let’s take our daughters hands and lead them away from fear. Let’s show our sons a better way. Let’s put a stop to it now.

Let’s change thing. For one young woman it is too late. Let’s make sure it isn’t too late for any more.

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