Review – Aidy the Awesome, Childrens Theatre

Age of kids who attended: 7 and 4 years

Age of adults who attended: 42 and 41 years & 2 months

Tell me there’s a flying granny in anything and I will DEFINITELY be there with bells on.

Add in a school teacher who makes fun on the parents before the show even begins, a guitar playing musical narrator and a strong female lead with super powers, and I soon forget I am actually meant to be there for the kids.

We recently went to see Aidy the Awesome by Gramophones Theatre at our local venue, and the show was so fab, I just had to share it with all you theatre loving mums and dad, in case it was coming your way anytime soon.

The show is about an eight year old girl who discovers her family has a very special secret which sets her and her granny on an adventure she will never forget.

This fast-paced show by the all-female cast will keep even the most fidgety child (or bored adult) enthralled, with an ariel display which had my two jumping from the sofa for hours afterwards.

It even has a lesson to be learnt, which is an added bonus to any story in my opinion (10 points to any adult who can tell me what this lesson is…)

And if you can’t make any of their live performances, you can watch the show online for a small donation.

So if you fancy a kids show with a difference (and a flying granny) I would definitely recommend. Find out more at The Gramophones Theatre Company.

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