Review – baby boy turns 7, actual real life event

Age of children – 7 years (& 2 months)
Age of adults– 41 years (& 3 months)…and every other adult he comes into contact with)

Rating1.5 stars

I recently attended a life event – my baby boy turning 7 – which Im afraid I’m going to have to give a very low star rating.

Before we embark on the crazy rollercoaster ride that is having kids, we are mostly aware of those key difficult (… replace difficult with mega shitty at times) ages. The terrible twos, threenagers, and the dreaded teenage years. In fact I’ve read many honest reviews about these ages, which I found to be pretty much spot on.

But what no one told me about (…or has yet reviewed until now) is the hormonal, grumpy, cheeky, smart arse, teenage-but-not-actual-teenage, terrible sevens.

That’s right. For those of you who grew up in the 90s, my son turning seven was akin to that first Kevin and Perry episode, where Kevin goes to bed a happy, lovely 12 year old and wakes up the epitome of teenagism on his 13th birthday.

This is what happened to my beautiful, happy, baby boy. Pretty much over night he turned into this hormonal, grumpy, cheeky, door-slamming teenager. And I was NOT READY FOR IT.

After some research (… replace research with talking to school mum friends whose children are a bit older than mine and have been through, and are now out the other side, of this) I discovered that this is not uncommon in 7 year olds. Apparently they get a hormone surge similar to adolescence at age 7, which doesn’t effect their bodies but can effect their moods.

This behaviour – which has included moods, tears, rudeness, pushing boundaries and outright refusing to do things – has lasted for the last few months, and I think we may be getting over the hump of it now. Although I have a feeling the smart-arse-ness may be here to stay (well, he is my child!)

But I certainly would not recommend this life event. And in true conscience, I can only give it a 1.5 out of 10 rating. Slightly lower than the terrible twos and slightly higher than threenager. (I haven’t reached teenage years yet, but have a feeling my rating for those may be even lower).

For now I’m happy to have my happy chap back. But beware, if you’re heading towards that seventh birthday, get ready to ride out a storm!

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